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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

>>>A Marriage Trap

Life after retirement in Germany was quite pleasant. No work to do, stay home relax or go out play some golf with friends. Until I wanted something else after I was told by a senior friend that Thailand is the perfect place to reside in after retirement.

Because of it’s cheap living life style and nowadays you could find everything available down there. The houses are dirt cheap and the people there are warm and very welcoming.

I have been visiting Thailand from the past couple of year’s .Yes I would indeed say I simply love the place. On my first trip to Pattaya I met a very pretty young lady working at one of the bars in south Pattaya. Her name was Noi and she was from up north of Thailand Chiangrai .

I would finish off plenty of beer bottles at the bar just to sit there and speak to her. This was how it all started. I would go there every night as if there was no other bars I could see in town. Noi and me had formed a very close relationship during the time I was in Thailand.

Even when I came back to Germany I would call her every now and then. She would tell me that her parents were being mistreated by the landlord and they did not have enough money to pay for the rent so I kept sending her money every month so that she could meet her ends.

I made up my mind that this time when I go down to Thailand I would settle down for good and marry Noi and give her a respectful life. A Life that she deserves. Pattaya bar girls are famous for trapping farang men (farang means foreign men ) into marriages.

But my Noi was completely different from all the horrible stories I had heard about pattaya girls. We had a beautiful traditional Thai style wedding in October 2004 . I bought a great house in Ekmongkol village. I was never this happier.

What does a man at my age want? A caring women to look after him and knows the meaning of “happy family”.

3 months after the wedding Noi bought a Thai man home saying that he is her cousin who has come to Pattaya looking for a job. We needed a driver so I gave him the job. Slowly, things started changing after her cousin brother started living with us.

Noi would be lesser at home she hardly spent time with me and she asked for money nearly everyday telling me that she was getting a house build for her parents in Chaingrai so that they have a place of their own.

One night I got up in the middle of the night I did not see Noi sleeping beside me I got a little frightened wondering what would she be doing at this time of the night. I got up to look for her incase she needed my help.

I checked all the rooms, in the bathroom, in the kitchen but she was nowhere to be found. Finally I decided to look for her downstairs in the living room. Again nowhere I went out in the lawn with my heart breathing hard in my mouth my mind meandered off with all kinds of weird feelings.

Suddenly, I came to a halt next to a door. I could here whimpering noises from within. I slowly opened the door knob and Alas! It was the most dreadful sight something that I cannot forget in this lifetime.

I saw my naked beloved wife riding on her so called cousin brother on their way to glory. And that’s how i learned the truth about them that he was her boyfriend and she had been with him ever since we knew each other.

So they were having a jolly time with all the cash I used to send her from Germany. First thing I did the next morning was filed for a divorce. I did not want to live with a “Cheater” anymore.

Pattaya is often the story of cruelty and injustice and shortsightedness. There are monsters, there is evil, there is betrayal. That's why people should read enough about Pattaya they will find the best, the worst and the depths of depravity.

Written by : Oliver from Germany