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>>>How to Spot a Katoey (Ladyboy)

Katoey in PattayaKatoeys, meaning ladyboys or transsexuals, are everywhere in Pattaya. Some go to great lengths, and pain, to transform themselves into beautiful girls. Those tall, muscular bargirls with the gruff voices are obviously men, but what about those who are not so obvious?

Let’s start at the bottom – the feet. No matter how pretty the face, or how perfect the body looks, if she/he’s got trotters like a Neanderthal give it a wide berth. Look at the way she/he walks.

Many katoeys overdo it on the sexy walk. Their steps are too much catwalk-style - sliding bums, wiggling hips and one foot in front of the other. Check the shoulders in relation to the hips. Most men have wider shoulders than their hips, whereas women are more in proportion.

It wasn’t too long ago that the best way to spot a ladyboy was to look for the Adam’s apple, but there’s now a surgical procedure to remove it. This is still a good giveaway with most - that’s if he keeps his chin up (which he won’t when he’s giving you that smouldering pick-me look).

If you’re already in your room, under the covers, and you put your hand down to her/his pussy and she/he stops you. This is not a good sign. Most transsexuals who have had the op have quite a complex about their new genitals and will think them less than perfect.

The last thing they want is somebody probing away down there. They’ll more than likely want to suck you, and then just slip it straight in.

Some men find out when it’s too late, after they’ve fallen in love, but once they’ve got their heads round it they’re fine. Some never discover the truth, and live happily ever after.

Pattaya Ladyboys

My TGF has a ladyboy friend in Pattaya whose had every operation conceivable and looks quite stunning. Her rich judge boyfriend from Brunei has bought her a car and a house, now the guy’s getting serious – he wants to have kids! Not sure that ones got “happy ever after” written all over it.

Thai men are generally not the hairiest race on the planet, neither are they the largest, so even if they don’t go through all the operations, it’s still not too difficult for them to disguise their true genders.

A lot of them sellotape their cocks under their scrotums so they can get away wearing tight miniskirts or Lycra trousers. They then tell farang they’re real dirty girls and only like it up the arse. If she/he looks good, and you’ve got no inkling whatsoever, tempting isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s me handing out all these tips. katoeys could be your sole reason for being in Pattaya. Apparently many of them make more cash than the average true lady bargirl, so somebody enjoys what they can offer. I guess it’s the old home park advantage – if they were once men they know exactly what turns us on.

Written by : Paul Robinson

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>>>A Guide for the Uninitiated Sex Tourist

Firstly, the sex-trade is entirely different in Thailand to elsewhere. Having a concubine, or second wife (mia noi), has been part of the Thai culture since forever. Accordingly, the Thais regard the sex-trade as an acceptable occupation and the ladies, themselves, refer to it merely as “working”.

Esarn (North-eastern Thailand), where most of the bar-girls hail from, is impoverished and the sex-trade is a major way for families to buy what westerners consider essentials like TVs, fridges, running water and decent housing. Thailand also has no welfare state, so for poor families to send their daughters and sons to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket is often the only means of adequate survival. Hence the saying a Thai bar-girl is the tip of a pyramid, having a whole extended family to support.

Many sex-workers also have a drug habit or are just plain avaricious, so it’s not all altruism! Pleas for money for hospital or funeral expenses, or to buy new water-buffalos can be genuine, but all too often its BS! These are facts every sex-tourist needs to know as you’ll hear them constantly.

The sex-workers learn the tricks of the trade from their peers very quickly. It’s very easy to make the foreigner fall in love with them due to their beauty, slim figures and apparently winning ways. This is especially true with current relationship norms and the high incidence of divorce and loneliness in the west.

Thai women are raised to be subservient to and take extremely good care of their men-folk. Accordingly, they exploit this for all it’s worth, lavishing love and attention on their foreign lovers, who all too often are lonely, inadequate, or find relating to women back home impossible.

This is especially true of older men, who benefit from the oriental reverence for the elderly. But, all too often it’s false and mercenary and the girls are often driven by their avaricious families to find a rich foreigner to provide for the family pyramid.

The beguiling bar-girls and boys are adept at extracting funds and presents from jai dee (good-hearted) foreigners. Gold and mobile phones are favourites, being easily pawned after the foreign lover goes home and reclaimed prior to their return.

Often, the foreign lover is cajoled into sending monthly bank transfers of 30,000 Baht in the vain hope of keeping the Thai lover faithful and away from bar-work.

However, many Thai sex-workers have a whole string of contributing lovers, as well as having Thai partners, to boot! To pretend to have just come from the hinterland is another ruse. So, if the bar-girl speaks good English, wears fashionable clothes and drips gold, beware!

Another favourite ploy is to get the foreign lover to marry them, buy property and put it in the Thai’s name, due to the complexity of the legalities governing ownership. However, one can form a company, cheaply, and get around the ownership quandary this way.

Cynicism aside, you can meet genuine, good-natured Thais to relate to, just be aware of the pitfalls.

Written by : Paul Robinson

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>>>Do's and Don'ts of the Pattaya Sex Scene


1. DO take sufficient money. Although a paying sexual encounter, by western standards, is relatively cheap, you may become sex-crazed and go through all your money in record time; plus the fact, the ladies are ingenious when it comes to extracting your lucre. Pace yourself.

2. DO experiment. What’s on offer is Go-Go bars where the ladies are often semi-clad or even nude, so you see what you’re getting in advance; beer bars, where the idea is to get you to spend as much as possible on drinks before bar-fining and taking the lady back to your hotel; short-time bars, similar to beer bars, except with en-suite bedrooms; lady-houses, usually only for Thais; 500 Baht pick-ups in discos, and short-time encounters on Beach Road, but these ladies have a high turn over and are dangerous in terms of STDs.

3. DO expect to have to pay for bar-fines (the fee to take the lady out of the bar), lady drinks and the lady. Go-Go bars charge the most because the females are well-above average, so you can expect to pay bar fines of 500 Baht and between 1-3,000 Baht, depending on the lady. Beer bars are much cheaper, but the cheapest is bars with en-suite bedrooms where the average all-in price is 500 Baht, plus drinks. Try Soi 6.

4. DO use a condom, unless you both want to get blood-tests to eliminate AIDS, gonorrhoea, TB and hepatitis risks.

5. DO appreciate that the ladies usually have to support a family back home.

6. DO be generous, otherwise you’ll be cheated, gain a bad-reputation and be shunned by the ladies.

7. DO keep your wits about you, especially after dark.


1. DON’T confuse lust and love. The ladies are past-mistresses at beguiling you.

2. DON’T take too many ladies from the same bar. They can be very jealous and murderous. Bobbitting (having your genitals cut off) is no idle threat!

3. DON’T buy too many lady drinks. The bar-owner and ladies become too avaricious and it’s bad for the rest of us!

4. DON’T believe everything the ladies tell you, especially if they speak good English, wear fashionable clothes and lots of gold. They’ve been around forever!

5. DON’T promise to send your chosen lady 30,000 Baht a month to stay away from bar-work and remain faithful to you. They often have 2 or 3 star-struck foreign lovers on a string and Thai boyfriends as well!

6. DON’T go home, sell up and return to get married. Not unless you can support yourself. Jobs are difficult to come by.

7. DON’T put property or cars in your wife/girlfriend’s name, if you return to get married. Form a company and buy that way.

8. DON’T ejaculate more than once every 20 days if you’re over 60. The protein loss is too high. (bit unrealistic that one)

9. DON’T overuse Viagra/Cialis or combine it with excessive alcohol if you have high blood pressure or a weak heart.

10. DON’T wear gold or expensive watches. You’ll loose them!

Submitted by : Ted Coxon

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>>>A Marriage Trap

Life after retirement in Germany was quite pleasant. No work to do, stay home relax or go out play some golf with friends. Until I wanted something else after I was told by a senior friend that Thailand is the perfect place to reside in after retirement.

Because of it’s cheap living life style and nowadays you could find everything available down there. The houses are dirt cheap and the people there are warm and very welcoming.

I have been visiting Thailand from the past couple of year’s .Yes I would indeed say I simply love the place. On my first trip to Pattaya I met a very pretty young lady working at one of the bars in south Pattaya. Her name was Noi and she was from up north of Thailand Chiangrai .

I would finish off plenty of beer bottles at the bar just to sit there and speak to her. This was how it all started. I would go there every night as if there was no other bars I could see in town. Noi and me had formed a very close relationship during the time I was in Thailand.

Even when I came back to Germany I would call her every now and then. She would tell me that her parents were being mistreated by the landlord and they did not have enough money to pay for the rent so I kept sending her money every month so that she could meet her ends.

I made up my mind that this time when I go down to Thailand I would settle down for good and marry Noi and give her a respectful life. A Life that she deserves. Pattaya bar girls are famous for trapping farang men (farang means foreign men ) into marriages.

But my Noi was completely different from all the horrible stories I had heard about pattaya girls. We had a beautiful traditional Thai style wedding in October 2004 . I bought a great house in Ekmongkol village. I was never this happier.

What does a man at my age want? A caring women to look after him and knows the meaning of “happy family”.

3 months after the wedding Noi bought a Thai man home saying that he is her cousin who has come to Pattaya looking for a job. We needed a driver so I gave him the job. Slowly, things started changing after her cousin brother started living with us.

Noi would be lesser at home she hardly spent time with me and she asked for money nearly everyday telling me that she was getting a house build for her parents in Chaingrai so that they have a place of their own.

One night I got up in the middle of the night I did not see Noi sleeping beside me I got a little frightened wondering what would she be doing at this time of the night. I got up to look for her incase she needed my help.

I checked all the rooms, in the bathroom, in the kitchen but she was nowhere to be found. Finally I decided to look for her downstairs in the living room. Again nowhere I went out in the lawn with my heart breathing hard in my mouth my mind meandered off with all kinds of weird feelings.

Suddenly, I came to a halt next to a door. I could here whimpering noises from within. I slowly opened the door knob and Alas! It was the most dreadful sight something that I cannot forget in this lifetime.

I saw my naked beloved wife riding on her so called cousin brother on their way to glory. And that’s how i learned the truth about them that he was her boyfriend and she had been with him ever since we knew each other.

So they were having a jolly time with all the cash I used to send her from Germany. First thing I did the next morning was filed for a divorce. I did not want to live with a “Cheater” anymore.

Pattaya is often the story of cruelty and injustice and shortsightedness. There are monsters, there is evil, there is betrayal. That's why people should read enough about Pattaya they will find the best, the worst and the depths of depravity.

Written by : Oliver from Germany

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>>>10 Good Things About Pattaya

There is always another side to a coin. I am a permanent resident of Pattaya and I have heard crude stories about this place being location for sex and drugs. I can actually pin point some very good reasons to be in this tropical island.

1. Pattaya has the finest of international cuisine such as Lebanese, Thai, Spanish, German, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Russian, French and many more. Pattaya also has a lot of delicious steak houses.

2. In Pattaya, it is such a pleasant feeling seeing smiling faces all around you. Thai’s are very nice and caring people. It surely is ‘land of smiles’, especially in Pattaya.

3. Pattaya has relaxing clean sea air at the beaches and even the nearby beaches are beautiful and just an hour away. A more relaxing atmosphere when compared with big city like Bangkok.

4. Pattaya is one of the best places for golf. The golf driving ranges here are of good quality and reasonable price. Believe me you would not find it anywhere else in the world.

5. Thai massages are famous worldwide. In Pattaya, we have good massage parlors and spas. Whether it is Thai herbal massage, oil massage, aromatherapy massage, facial massage, foot massage. You can get them all here.

6. There are many water activities to do here such as windsurfing, parasailing, jet skis and canoeing. Visitors from all over the world have enjoyed learning to dive or just simply diving for fun in the sea around Pattaya.

7. Did you know the maximum charity collected for unprivileged children in this country comes from the charity clubs in Pattaya?

8. After your retirement if you plan to settle down for good in Pattaya. You need not worry about your children education. Endless international schools have been opened here with good foreign teachers.

9. Pattaya is also known as entertainment city with disco’s and pubs just like in western countries. The cinema halls here are good and you can catch up with all the latest movies.

10. With the opening of new airport “Suwannabhumi”. Pattaya will boom, well it has started already. So contact the real estate agents quickly before the land prices reach sky high and you might just regret for missing a chance to be in this tropical island.

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>>> Is it safe to take a Thai bar girl back to your hotel in Pattaya?

Yes is the simple answer. Sex is what drives Pattaya’s tourist industry in the evenings – even if there are plenty of other things to do. Every night hundreds of punters take girls back to their hotel and the management of many hotels accept this as normal practice. So normal in fact that they usually keep the girls ID card until she leaves, which is your guarantee she isn’t going to rip you off.

However some hotels do not allow this, and the more expensive and prestigious the name the more likely they will have a strict policy. We’ll get to this a little later, but first lets talk about the girls.

Thai Girls

Most Thai bar girls are honest and easy going, so much so that it’s difficult to imagine them as sleazy. They in it for a job rather than because of low-class dishounest backgrounds. In fact many take the risk of going home with complete strangers where there is no guarantee or recourse should they refuse to pay in the morning. None have pimps, or get tough.

A typical situation goes like this; after several drinks with the lady, she will ask you if you want her to ‘go with her’. She’ll tell you ‘you pay bar fine for me, OK’. After this is taken care of, along with the bill, off you go. Sometimes guys like to take their girl to a disco or another bar first. Then you catch a baht bus or taxi to your hotel. She knows the score, and might have even spent a night in your hotel before, so she discretely hands in her ID and goes upstairs with you. The rest is up to your imagination.

Since the girl’s ID is kept on record, and she doesn’t want to jeopardise her job, she is unlikely to knick anything, but you’d be wise to keep money and ‘easily lifted’ items out of sight. Afterall, without proof she can deny everything. We’ve heard very few cases of bad girls.

Thai Ladyboys

One exception is ladyboys, who have a more masculine and ruthless approach to their work, and occassionally do lift things. If you take a ladyboy back (which does happen often), be more alert. Girls that are picked up freelancing (ie along the waterfront or in discos) also need extra attention, since they work in no particular bar and would be difficult to trace by the tourist police.

A couple of years ago, there was nasty case of a hotel colluding with the girls, who would drug men by getting them to suck their nipples – which had a strong sedative pasted on – and then rip them off. The hotel wasn’t much help in catching them, until a number of complaints added up and their ruse was discovered. This is a rare thing though.

Now, about the hotels themselves. While many in Pattaya accept that their clients wish to bring girls back, some discourage this by trying to charge extra for ‘unregistered guests’. If they are a classy establishment they will expect you to understand this, others save the embarrassment but discretely handing you a warning card at check-in, stating that an additional person charge of up to 1000 baht will be charged. This is nonsense.

We’re unable to name exactly which hotels are like this. To be safe, try to avoid hotels that have package tourists. Those right in the beer bar sois are safest. Some try to slap the charge on later when they discover you coming back with someone, if you argue loudly they usually back off to save the embarrassment. This is, afterall, Pattaya.

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Hiring a Motorbike around Pattaya

Hiring a Motorbike around Pattaya

Many people who come to Thailand, and particularly Pattaya, for a holiday see all the local people going around on motorbikes, many without helmets, the ladies balancing gracefully sideways on the back. They see whole families of four or even five all on the same bike.

Many people visiting Pattaya and seeing these sights think it would be a good idea to rent a motorbike for a day or week. They are jolly cheap to hire. You can get one for 150/180 baht a day or less, and discounts are given for weekly or longer rental.

This saves you having to get a baht taxi (10 baht) or motorbike taxi (30/60 baht depending upon distance), and gives you a certain independence even though taxis and motorbike taxis are everywhere.

One of the many motorbikes for rent in Pattaya

However, before you take this course you may want to bear a couple of things in mind. The traffic in Pattaya can be lethal, and indeed the number of fatalities not only in the city itself but especially on Sukhumvit (the 4 carriageway each way main road) are frightening.

Small accidents are commonplace and can, due to the very heavy traffic at times, not only spoil your holiday but put you in intensive care in one of the local hospitals.

The quality of medical care in Pattaya is very high, fortunately, but if you are not insured for medical expenses this could cost you an arm and a leg, literally. The top hospitals are of international standard, but so are their charges.

The local hospitals are very good and cheaper, but many westerners are not keen on staying in a place where most people don’t speak their language and the food is very local.

Motorbike insurance is often not part of the hiring package, or if it is it is not exactly fully comprehensive. If you do hire a bike (the same applies for cars too) please do spend some time looking at the insurance aspect of what you are getting for your money.

Also have a good look at your own personal holiday accident cover. You could discover that it does not include riding a motorbike or that these machines are classed as “dangerous sports”. Sounds stupid doesn’t it but many people have ignored these clauses at their peril and ended up having to foot the bills for their own stays in hospital.

Another important thing to remember is that most Thais who you are likely to ‘run into’ or indeed ‘run into you’ probably have not got a lot of money and are frequently uninsured themselves, whether they are driving a car, truck or motorbike. It’s no good proving an accident is their fault if you are not going to receive medical fees for your injuries, let alone compensation.

Taking all the above into consideration, if you are already proficient on a motorbike in your own country and want to have a go it can be quite fun as long as you don’t try to ride like the locals do. They have been riding these things almost since birth and they understand the way the local traffic works. You don’t!

Apart from driving on the left hand side of the road, which is OK if you come from Britain or one of the other few countries who do this, road etiquette in general is completely different from at ‘home’. You will be undertaken and overtaken, squeezed past in the tiniest gap, be forced to wait for pedestrians, cars, local bikes and trucks, taxis and motorbike taxis who know what they are doing.

Before renting a motorbike it’s quite a good idea to get a motorbike taxi around a couple of places at busy times so that you can get the hang of the traffic. This could save you an awful lot of aggravation later.

Oh, and do wear a helmet. Pattaya police often have spot checks on helmets for you and your passenger. Fine 200baht each (cash), a lot of hassle, your bike will be inspected and the least infringement will ensure further fines, particularly if you are a ‘rich foreigner’.

I’ve personally seen almost 20 motor bikers, both Thai and Foreign stopped for helmet infringements in less than an hour. Of course it’s much safer as well if you do happen to be run into.

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Where 'the boys' stay to hunt?

There are quite a few options in Pattaya as to where to stay for a really good time, particularly during the Nov/March ‘tourist season’. The season never actually stops but the hot and wet weather during some summer months deters many people.

Presuming you are not checking-out the four and five star hotels to stay at, and perhaps something a little ‘earthier’ is what you’re really looking for, ‘around 2nd Road and Beach Road and just off Walking Street’, is the answer.

Whether you are in a group or you are here by yourself there is an instant camaraderie between foreign people on holiday here, no matter where you are from. You may come from all over the world, but you are all in someone else’s country.

Pretty Girls

Lots of the bars in the sois (small streets) between the beach and 2nd Road, particularly from Soi 6 all the way to Walking Street, are also guesthouses of different sorts. Some are like a B&B over a busy pub in England, and, between some smarter hotels, are some seriously cheap rooms rented from the bar downstairs and are usually the haunt of ‘the boys’.

‘The boys” are the “single” blokes who have come here to have a lot of fun, a lot of drink, a lot of girls and whatever else they want, preferably for as little money as possible. Practically 24 hour sports are on the numerous TV’s (the bargirls are all watching Thai ‘soaps’ on a portable), drinks and girls are everywhere, and you feel as though you have “arrived” in heaven.

There are quite a few lodgings to be had on Soi 6 but next door, particularly if it is a go-go bar or whatever, will successfully prevent any early nights during your stay.

However you will also possibly discover the kathoeys (amazingly realistic to the untutored eye, lady-boys), who are ever present on this particular soi and in Pattayaland and Walking Street. As a first time visitor you would certainly not be the first, or indeed the last man to be caught-out in your hotel room THAT EVENING! So don’t panic. Just make sure your ‘preliminary tests’ are up to ‘scratch’ next time you take a lady ‘home’, and make sure they don’t nick anything. They are good at that.

Pattaya Walking Street
Walking Street, Pattaya

There is lots of action all the way down and through Walking Street all the way along.

Sois 7&8 have loads of hotels and guesthouses to suite any nationality, the entertainment happening downstairs and perhaps upstairs too, is why most single men have come here.

From the bottom of the soi a very short walk down the beach towards Walking Street will get you to the popular Sois 13, Yamoto and Post Office, which are full of bars and entertainments and also have a lot have accommodation above.

On, in the same direction, to Pattayaland and Boyztown where accommodation is available for any sex, and you will find yourself in Walking Street.

The International Meeting Place has many small, and some larger hotels in the little moos ( lanes) leading off it. The further you walk away from Walking Street the cheaper the hotels and guesthouses get. The Arab quarter of Pattaya is about half way up on the left, and at the end, just before Bali Hi, a couple of cheap French places cater for ex-pats and visitors alike.

If you like to be with ‘the boys’, particularly if you’re on holiday, without ‘the trouble and strife’ around, you could do a lot worse than head for Sois 6,7,8,13,etc to have the holiday of a lifetime.

Soi Boukhaow (variously spelt because it is unpronounceable to we English speakers) also has a good variety of cheaper ‘billets’ for the many ex-pats in the area as well as tourists, and, being parallel to 2nd Road is only a 7 minute walk from the beach. European food abounds in this Soi, from fish and chips to ‘European style Chinese’; from a really decent curry (40 baht/50pence/75cents), to steak and kidney pudding, from a whole roast chicken (100 baht) to pizza or pasta and much more.

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Jomtien Beach

This 6-kilometres long, largely straight beach, some 4 kilometers south of Pattaya, is the most notable of several beaches south of the resort. The beach is popular with windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts, largely because the area enjoys brisk and fresh breezes sweeping inland from the Thai Gulf, and because the seas are less congested with boats than is Pattaya Bay. Jomtien is also a major residential area with beachside hotels, bungalow complexes, condominiums and restaurants.

Wong Phrachan Beach is on the northern side of Pattaya Bay. The 1 kilometer beach shares the same entrance as the Central Wong Amat Hotel. A quiet spot, the beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation.

Khao Pattaya (Khao Phra Bat) A small hill with an asphalt road leading to the top. From its peak, one has a panoramic view of Pattaya City and Pattaya Bay. Currently, Khao Pattaya has been developed and is now the site of the Naval Sor Tor Ror radio station. A sacred Buddha image is also enshrined on the hilltop.

Suan Chaloemphrakiat (Fitness Park) is at foot of Pattaya hill on Phratani'uk Road. This small park, covering a large area, was dedicated to commemorate His Majesty the King's sixtieth birthday on December 5, 1988. The gardens of the park boast a wide variety of flowering plants. There are also multipurpose grounds and winding trails for walking or jogging and standard exercise facilities. On any given day, a large number of people will relax, jog, exercise or simple enjoy the scenery of Pattaya in this park.

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Pattaya Night life - where and how? step by step guide..

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The biggest pub in the world

Pattaya's nightlife is legendary. No more so than in the epicentre in Walking Street. Here you will find thriving bars, discos, nightclubs and restaurants. Here anything goes... and usually does.

Pattaya is undoubtedly the biggest pub in the world. the "walking street" in the evening transforms itself as the biggest pub in the world. All the pubs and bars and adjoining each other and for all [practical purposes it is like the biggest pub.

If you are on hunt for a girl it is so easy..there are at any time almost 5000 girls available in Pattaya. Walking street closes for vehicler traffic in the evening and you can only walk. It is in South Pattaya. If you are interested in night life just find a hotel in South Pattaya. Because you may have to walkback to hotel at 4 am and it is sort of convenience.

I just enjoyed Lucifer where you can drink and dance. You can also visit other pubs too. It is better you explore yourself..

Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Girls Pattaya

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Moving in and Around Pattaya

The best way: pay 10 baht and travel in the pickup van.

Or hire a two wheeler for just 150 baht perday.

If you are more than 2 then you can hire the pickup van for 400 baht for 3 hours. he will take you around top all places nad you will have a look and feel of this little town.

some of the pics i have taken in pattay

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Where to stay

You have decided to visit Pattaya for your next vacation ! Your flight is booked but you are still looking for a hotel. But, how do you decide which hotel to stay at?

Your decision should be based on what you plan to do while you are Pattaya. Will you be spending most of your time sightseeing, shopping or enjoying the nightlife? Most likely you will be enjoying the nightlife and will want to be located in the heart of it.

There are three main areas in – North, South, and Central and all three have their plusses and minuses. Getting a hotel in any of the three will boil down to a personal preference.

North is in the Soi 2 area or even a little further North called Naklua. Most of the tourists here are from Europe and the nightlife is adequate but not spectacular. I rarely go to the Naklua area but I do enjoy the Soi 2 nightlife area.

South is very good and includes the area around the infamous Walking Street. There are many hotels available from Soi 13 to Walking Street and also along the side streets between 2nd Road and Walking Street. Many are small pubs with a handful of rooms above the bar.

If you want sunshine and just to relax - find out good hotels which are walking distance from beach.

If you are there to enjoy nightlife then you should stay in a hotel located in South Pattya. the entertainment place "Walking Street" is just walkeable distance.

To me, Central is where to stay. The location is perfect as I can walk or catch a baht bus to anywhere in a matter of minutes. Beach Road, 2nd Road or even down to Soi Buakhao are perfect locations as long as the hotel is between Central Road and Soi 13.

Most of the hotels in are in the 2 – 4 star range with the occasional 5 star (Marriott) but a 2 – 4 star in is definitely a cut above similar hotels in the states. I prefer the smaller, pub places that have a handful of rooms upstairs. Most are owned by a couple and really do their best to make your stay a great one.

Do your research, and look for a discount hotel, and enjoy your stay in the Land of Smiles. It won’t be hard to find your Asian hotel in at all.

I have seen number of people book rooms in advance, If you are going to stay in Five Star hotel then u can book in adavnce. If you are budget traveler who like to spend less than 50$ a day on hotel accommodation just go there and book one after seeing your self.

I have seen number of hotels - where people book thru internet. But actually they are available for very much less than the internet rates. there are neat and clean hotels in Pattaya and are available for just 600 baht to 1200 baht-breakfast included.

When i visited last November i just went there and seen at least half a dozen hotels before i finalise one for 1200 Baht. That was brand new hotel in south pattaya and i really liked it. It is "Boutique hotel" in south Pattaya. There is a VC PATTYA HOTEL In south pattaya and there is a by lane goes next to it. it is just 1 minute walk in the by lane. Unfortunately i cannot find the hotel address. I am not promoting this hotel, there are plenty of them and you even get them for 600 Baht in half season.

One advantage of this hotel is that-it is new and you will get things that are not used that much.

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Pattya Map

Here it is Just click the thumbnail to get it.

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How to get there? Travelling to Pattaya:

Most visitors arrive by road from or via Bangkok, many having flown in to Suvarnabhumi (the "new" BKK). Much smaller numbers arrive direct by road from the north and east, by rail from Bangkok, and by air via U-Tapao from Ko Samui or Phuket in Southern Thailand or Siem Reap in Cambodia.

A surprising number of visitors inquire about ferries across the Gulf of Thailand - however no such services exist. Those determined to go by sea may find that local dive shops can help, if cost is not a consideration.

By plane

Pattaya has no commercial airport of its own, however access by air (especially via Suvarnabhumi) is very straightforward.


Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is Bangkok's shiny new successor to Don Muang. Only 110km from Pattaya (40km closer than Don Muang), transfers by road are inexpensive and quick (currently around 80-90 minutes) and getting quicker as the upgrades to the connecting highway are completed. [ when you travel by taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport to pattaya it may cost you as much as 1200 to 1500 baht. on your return from pattaya to airport it will cost you only 800 baht and just don't pay more than that]

Don Muang

Don Muang Airport (new code: DMK) was superseded by Suvarnabhumi on September 28th 2006, subsequently re-opened on March 24 2007, and currently handles Nok Air, One-Two-GO, PB Air and most Thai Airways domestic flights. The easiest way to transfer is by taxi; the most economical alternatives are to go by bus via Moh Chit (Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal), or to go by train via Hualamphong (only practicable in the Pattaya to Don Muang direction).


U-Tapao Airport (IATA: UTP | ICAO: VTBU | tel: +66-38245295) is sometimes incorrectly described as "Pattaya Airport" - it's actually at Sattahip, just off the main Sattahip - Chanthaburi (Sukhumvit) highway, 30km south of Pattaya. Primarily a military facility, it's the closest airport fielding commercial passenger flights, but only to a handful of destinations. There are no commercial passenger flights connecting U-Tapao directly with Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang.

Schedules (all daily):

Bangkok Airways (PG) flies to/from Ko Samui (USM) and Phuket (HKT) - UTP-USM & USM-UTP flights are usually slightly less expensive than BKK-USM & USM-BKK flights

- PG272 - UTP (12:10) to HKT (13:50)
- PG271 - HKT (14:20) to UTP (16:00)
- PG252 - HKT (09:20) via USM (10:40) to UTP (11:40)
- PG285 - USM (13:10) to UTP (14:10)
- PG286 - UTP (14:40) to USM (15:40)
- PG284 - UTP (16:30) to USM (17:30)

When booking flights to U-Tapao...

...consider pre-booking onward transport at the same time, as competitively priced door-to-door transfer services may not be available on arrival at U-Tapao on an ad-hoc basis.

The easiest way to transfer between U-Tapao and Pattaya is by direct door-to-door minibus - driving time is normally about 30 minutes (200-250 baht per person for pre-booked services).

If speed and convenience don't matter, the ad-hoc option is to hop on virtually any bus on Sukhumvit Road. Going south, if it's a bus that terminates at Sattahip you'll have to swap buses or finish the journey by songthaew; if it's going further east (eg Rayong, Chanthaburi or Trat) it'll drop you off at the airport entrance as it goes by. Going north, wait for a bus that's going further than Sattahip and then you won't need to transfer. Alternatively, the white songthaews that ply Sukhumvit Road between Pattaya and Sattahip charge just 20 baht.

Or to buck the trend big time, go by rail (3rd class, weekdays only) between Pattaya and Sattahip, get off just before or after the line crosses Highway 3, and connect with the airport by songthaew or bus. The fare for the 40-50 minute train ride is 6 (yes, six!) baht - depart Pattaya 10:18, arrive Sattahip 11:00; depart Sattahip 13:30, arrive Pattaya 14:21 - but don't forget, no trains on Saturdays or Sundays.

From Bangkok
First class bus

1st class buses from Bangkok to the North Pattaya Road bus station are air-con, almost always have an on-board toilet, are essentially direct (ie no stops), and provide a no fuss, no frills, hassle-free service. Departures from the Eastern (Ekamai) Terminal and Northern (Moh Chit) Terminal are frequent (every 20-40 minutes, depending on the time of day; more frequent still at public holiday weekends) and usually take 2-2.5 hours; those from the Southern (Sai Tai Mai) Bus Terminal are less frequent and take a little longer.

Departure times & fares (as at June 2006):

- Ekamai (East) to Pattaya - first 05:20, last 23:00 - 117 baht
- Pattaya to Ekamai (East) - first 05:20, last 21:00 - 117 baht
- Moh Chit (North) to Pattaya - first 05:00, last 20:00 - 117 baht (tollway route: 121 baht)
- Pattaya to Moh Chit (North) - first 05:20, last 20:00 - 113 baht (tollway route: 121 baht)
- Sai Tai Mai (South) to Pattaya - 05:30, 08:30, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:30 - 117 baht
- Pattaya to Sai Tai Mai (South) - 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 - 113 baht
- Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya - 09:00, 13:00, 17:00 - 106 baht
- Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport - times to be confirmed - approx. 120 baht

Fares may vary slightly depending on the route taken - for example, at busy times when the Moh Chit service uses the elevated express tollway, a marginally higher fare applies - however exact prices are always clearly posted at the official ticket counters.

All 1st class direct services to/from Bangkok use the recently redeveloped bus station on North Pattaya Road. These buses are usually full when they depart, and must be boarded at the terminus. Tickets are sold at the bus station; it's not possible to pre-book these services more than an hour or so in advance. Usually, if the bus that's due to leave next is already full, there will be seats available on the next one. The longest queues are for the very early morning departures from Pattaya - to get a seat on the first bus of the day you need to be in the ticket queue at least 30-40 minutes early; however the bonus is that these pre-rush hour services can take as little as 90 minutes to get to Bangkok.

From the North Pattaya Road bus station songthaews (a cross between a pickup truck, a share-taxi, a local bus and two pews) depart when full (every few minutes). The fare to anywhere on Beach Road ("the beach") is 10 baht; press the buzzer button on the underside of the roof when you want to get off.

Pattaya to the Eastern (Ekamai) Terminal: if requested, this bus will stop at the On Nut Skytrain Station (station map) on Sukhumvit Road. Depending on your final destination and the traffic conditions, you may want to transfer to the Skytrain (system map) there; if so, wait until the bus departs Pattaya and then confirm with the crew that you want to be dropped off at "On Nut". NB: this bus does not stop to pick up passengers at On Nut (or anywhere else) on the outbound leg.

Pattaya from/to the Southern (Sai Tai Mai) Terminal: if the direct bus is fully booked, take the Eastern (Ekamai) Terminal bus instead, and use the #511 (air-con, every 30 minutes 24/7, 20 baht) bus to connect between Ekamai and Sai Tai Mai.

Pattaya from/to Suvarnabhumi Airport - this service runs from Suvarnabhumi Airport Transport Centre, which is connected to the main arrivals/departures terminals by a free shuttle bus service.

Second class bus

2nd class services (air-con, usually no on-board toilet) don't use the expressways, and make frequent (and sometimes lengthy) stops, hence they take considerably longer than their 1st class counterparts (which at worst will only halt momentarily once or twice to let passengers jump off on the final approaches to their destination).

Many 2nd class buses from Bangkok continue on to Jomtien, so may be worth considering if that's your final destination and you're not in a hurry. For travel from Jomtien to Bangkok they have the advantage that they can be flagged down and boarded as they crawl along Jomtien's seafront road (Jomtien Beach Road - Thanon Hat Jomtien), avoiding the need for a preliminary trip to the bus station.

The terminus for 2nd class services to/from Bangkok and other short-haul destinations is on South Pattaya Road, but in practice these buses pick up and drop off the majority of their passengers en route. Tickets are sold both at the bus station (although advance booking may not be possible) and on the bus itself.


* Bangkok - minibuses run between Pattaya and Bangkok's hotels and Khao San Road, offering the convenience of a door-to-door service for around 400 baht/person. Departure times vary, but 09:00 / 12:00 / 17:30 are the most widely advertised. Driving time is about 2 hours, however it can take quite a bit longer overall (especially if you're the first to be collected and the last to be dropped off). One such service runs direct between Pattaya Dynasty Inn (Soi 13) and Bangkok Dynasty Inn (Soi Nana), and can be arranged through the Dynasty Inn reception desks.

* U-Tapao Airport (near Sattahip) - about 30 minutes, 200-250 baht; departure times to suit flight schedules (pre-booking especially important when flying to U-Tapao)

* Ban Phe (gateway to Ko Samet) - about 90 minutes, 150-200 baht; departures typically 07:30, 11:30, 15:00

* Laem Ngop (gateway to Ko Chang) - about 3 hours, 400-500 baht; depart 09:00

It's also possible to travel by minibus to Hat Lek (for the southern-most border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia) but not every day of the week; this service may or may not go via Laem Ngop, depending on overall demand. As at January 2006: depart 07:30, arrive around 14:00, 700 baht, Tuesday and Friday only - but liable to change, so enquire locally for the latest schedule details.

Travel agencies (ubiquitous throughout Pattaya) plus many hotels/guesthouses sell minibus tickets, and tourist-oriented services such as these invariably include collection from your hotel/guesthouse/wherever (allow extra time for this - times quoted above are approximate transit times and make no allowance for the vagaries of the collection process).

By taxi

To Bangkok - widely advertised in Pattaya at 800 baht (the lower price is because it'll be a Bangkok cab returning home), and easily arranged through most travel agencies and hotels/guesthouses. Minibuses can also be chartered taxi-style from around 1800 baht.

From Bangkok - prices range from 1500 baht (the official meter-taxi rate) to 1000 baht; arranged car services will tend toward the higher end, but licenced meter-taxis should be negotiable to the lower end of the range. Allow about 90-120 minutes, depending on where in Bangkok you're coming from; more around rush hour.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport - the official meter-taxi price to Pattaya is 1050 baht (1100 baht to Jomtien) plus the 60 baht highway ("motorway" or "expressway") toll. Allow around 80-90 minutes in favourable conditions.

Scams to watch out for when headed for Bangkok by taxi include being told that the pre-paid price is fully inclusive, but then, on arrival at the first toll booth, being told that the expressway fees are extra.

Many of the more upmarket hotels can arrange (for an additional fee) to have you met at the airport gate by a personal driver with a limousine, thus avoiding the need to negotiate with taxi drivers.

By train

Provided it's a weekday, the most economical way to travel between Pattaya and Bangkok by public transport is by rail - the one-way fare is just 31 baht, and if you've never experienced a 3rd class Thai train, this is a good one to try.

From Monday to Friday, a single daily 3rd class (non-aircon) train departs Bangkok's Hualamphong Train Station at 06:50 and arrives at the main Pattaya station at 10:18, before continuing on to Sattahip; it then returns via Pattaya at 14:21 and terminates back in Bangkok at 17:40 (on Saturdays and Sundays it turns back to Bangkok at Chachoengsao, so is of no practical use for getting to or from Pattaya at weekends). Regardless of direction, simply turn up and buy a ticket at the station - this train can't be pre-booked.

Pattaya has two train stations, both just east of Sukhumvit Road:

* Pattaya Train Station (tel. +66-38429285) is the main stop, just north of the junction with Central Pattaya Road (from Sukhumvit Road, turn into Soi Pornprapanimit and then turn left immediately before the road crosses the railway line). A Baht Bus waits here for the train to arrive and charges a reasonable 30 baht/person to anywhere in the Pattaya Beach area; in the opposite direction, budget around 40-50 baht for a motorbike taxi from Beach Road. Facilities comprise a small snacks / chilled drinks counter, toilets, a solitary payphone, and the ticket office - which also sells maps of Pattaya.

* Pattaya Tai Train Station is a small unmanned halt about 3 km further south, and hence closer to Jomtien, near the Sukhumvit / Thepprasit Road intersection.

At the main Pattaya Train Station, tickets must be bought before boarding and are only sold in the final 30 minutes prior to departure. The fare from/to Bangkok is 31 baht, from/to Sattahip 6 baht.

As the Pattaya Tai halt has no ticket office, passengers are permitted to board here without tickets and then pay on the train (32 baht to Bangkok).

The surcharge for transporting a bicycle (up to 20 kg) between any two points on this line (ie Bangkok-Sattahip) is 80 baht.

Tickets for other journeys can be purchased (up to a maximum of 60 days in advance) at the Pattaya Train Station ticket office between 08:00 and 16:00; the same tickets can also be arranged through Pattaya agencies, who will add on a 200-300 baht markup to cover their assistance and the cost of sending a moto-taxi to collect the tickets from the station.

From other regions

By road: Sukhumvit-route 2nd class aircon buses operate from Bangkok's Eastern (Ekamai) Bus Terminal and pick up and drop off on Sukhumvit at the Pattaya Nua / Pattaya Klang / Pattaya Tai traffic lights. Fares from/to Pattaya are Sattahip 20 baht, U-Tapao (Sukhumvit traffic lights, does not access the airport itself) 35 baht, Rayong (bus station) 50 baht, Ban Phe (Sukhumvit traffic lights, does not detour into the town) 60 baht, Chanthaburi (bus station) 115 baht, and Trat (bus station) 165 baht. Some terminate at Chanthaburi, however it's easy to transfer between there and Trat.


By road: for most (if not all) destinations in Isaan, it's not necessary to go via Bangkok. If a direct service isn't available, it's usually possible to connect via Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat).

Nakhonchai Air Co. (tel. +66-38427841 / +66-38424871) provides "VIP", 1st class, and non-aircon passenger services (plus parcel services) to Ubon Ratchathani (~11 hours) as follows:

* VIP (32 seats, 540 baht) departures 17:15, 18:35, 20:15, 20:30, 20:45
* 1st class (465 baht) departures 07:45, 17:45
* non-aircon (3rd class, 255 baht) departures 16:45, 18:00, 19:45

Roong Reuang Coach operates five Isaan services from the bus station on North Pattaya Road (the 1st class Bangkok bus terminal), all of which are air-con and go via Aranyaprathet (1st class 209 baht / 2nd class 162 baht / ~5 hours) and then either Buriram and Roi Et or Surin and Yasothon, and then terminate at Mukdahan (~13 hours) as follows:

* 2nd class via Surin & Yasothon (428 baht) departs 07:00
* 1st class via Buriram & Roi Et (553 baht) departures 08:30, 19:00
* 1st class via Surin & Yasothon (551 baht) departures 17:30, 19:30

By rail: it's possible to take the train from Pattaya to Chachoengsao (weekdays only) and switch there to a train to Aranyaprathet, or vice-versa, but either way the connection can only be made by spending the night in Chachoengsao. For trains to Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat), Buriram, Surin, Si Saket, Ubon, etc, connect via Bangkok's Hualamphong station.


By road: it's possible to travel direct to/from numerous locations in Northern Thailand, however it's often quicker overall to go via the Northern (Moh Chit) Terminal in Bangkok. Much depends on final destination, time of travel, and available services; but if in doubt, the safest bet will usually be to stick with the 1st class buses and go via Moh Chit.

Nakhonchai Air Co. (tel. +66-38427841 / +66-38424871) provides "VIP", 1st class, and non-aircon passenger services (plus parcel services) to Chiang Mai and Mae Sai from premises on the southbound side of Sukhumvit Road (30/7 Moo 9), one block south of the junction with Central Pattaya Road.

To Chiang Mai (approx. 13.5 hours):

* VIP (32 seats, 670 baht) departures 14:30, 17:25, 18:30, 19:00
* 1st class (620 baht) departures 14:45, 18:15
* non-aircon (3rd class, 345 baht) departs 06:15

To Mae Sai (approx. 15 hours):

* VIP (32 seats, 770 baht) departures 15:00, 17:00
* 1st class (720 baht) departs 15:15
* non-aircon (3rd class, 390 baht) departs 12:15

It's always worth considering pre-booking long-haul bus tickets, however more often than not seats will still be available an hour or so prior to departure.

By rail: it may be possible to use the one daily (weekdays only) train to/from Pattaya to connect with a northern line overnight train at Bangkok's Hualamphong station (pre-booking is advised for berths on overnight trains; this can be arranged at or via Pattaya Train Station).


The options for Southern Thailand are to fly to U-Tapao (near Sattahip) direct to/from Ko Samui or Phuket, or else to go via Bangkok. Note that a direct bus service between Pattaya and the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok was introduced in 2005; also that it may be worth considering using the one daily (weekdays only) train to/from Pattaya and connecting with a southern line overnight train at Bangkok's Hualamphong station (pre-booking is advised for berths on overnight trains; this can be arranged at or via Pattaya Train Station).

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