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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

>>>How to Spot a Katoey (Ladyboy)

Katoey in PattayaKatoeys, meaning ladyboys or transsexuals, are everywhere in Pattaya. Some go to great lengths, and pain, to transform themselves into beautiful girls. Those tall, muscular bargirls with the gruff voices are obviously men, but what about those who are not so obvious?

Let’s start at the bottom – the feet. No matter how pretty the face, or how perfect the body looks, if she/he’s got trotters like a Neanderthal give it a wide berth. Look at the way she/he walks.

Many katoeys overdo it on the sexy walk. Their steps are too much catwalk-style - sliding bums, wiggling hips and one foot in front of the other. Check the shoulders in relation to the hips. Most men have wider shoulders than their hips, whereas women are more in proportion.

It wasn’t too long ago that the best way to spot a ladyboy was to look for the Adam’s apple, but there’s now a surgical procedure to remove it. This is still a good giveaway with most - that’s if he keeps his chin up (which he won’t when he’s giving you that smouldering pick-me look).

If you’re already in your room, under the covers, and you put your hand down to her/his pussy and she/he stops you. This is not a good sign. Most transsexuals who have had the op have quite a complex about their new genitals and will think them less than perfect.

The last thing they want is somebody probing away down there. They’ll more than likely want to suck you, and then just slip it straight in.

Some men find out when it’s too late, after they’ve fallen in love, but once they’ve got their heads round it they’re fine. Some never discover the truth, and live happily ever after.

Pattaya Ladyboys

My TGF has a ladyboy friend in Pattaya whose had every operation conceivable and looks quite stunning. Her rich judge boyfriend from Brunei has bought her a car and a house, now the guy’s getting serious – he wants to have kids! Not sure that ones got “happy ever after” written all over it.

Thai men are generally not the hairiest race on the planet, neither are they the largest, so even if they don’t go through all the operations, it’s still not too difficult for them to disguise their true genders.

A lot of them sellotape their cocks under their scrotums so they can get away wearing tight miniskirts or Lycra trousers. They then tell farang they’re real dirty girls and only like it up the arse. If she/he looks good, and you’ve got no inkling whatsoever, tempting isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s me handing out all these tips. katoeys could be your sole reason for being in Pattaya. Apparently many of them make more cash than the average true lady bargirl, so somebody enjoys what they can offer. I guess it’s the old home park advantage – if they were once men they know exactly what turns us on.

Written by : Paul Robinson