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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The biggest pub in the world

Pattaya's nightlife is legendary. No more so than in the epicentre in Walking Street. Here you will find thriving bars, discos, nightclubs and restaurants. Here anything goes... and usually does.

Pattaya is undoubtedly the biggest pub in the world. the "walking street" in the evening transforms itself as the biggest pub in the world. All the pubs and bars and adjoining each other and for all [practical purposes it is like the biggest pub.

If you are on hunt for a girl it is so easy..there are at any time almost 5000 girls available in Pattaya. Walking street closes for vehicler traffic in the evening and you can only walk. It is in South Pattaya. If you are interested in night life just find a hotel in South Pattaya. Because you may have to walkback to hotel at 4 am and it is sort of convenience.

I just enjoyed Lucifer where you can drink and dance. You can also visit other pubs too. It is better you explore yourself..

Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Girls Pattaya